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International super group "Vulwar" presents their first single "Iron Clit"! With almost unrivaled conviction, persistence and the courage to unflinchingly pursue their own way, the band has finally cast their musical heritage in digital steel. In the footsteps of long-term idols like Valerie Solanas and Alice Schwarzer, they are cutting dicks like german Bratwurst! The women of the world stand beside them, like an army of immortal vaginas, prepared to fight the vul-war! Yes, they claim themselves to be the "Queens of Feminist True Metal" for a reason: Everything stuck in their iron clits will die a bloody and painful death!

Vulwar are:

Drums: Mrs. Nihilista Brusten
Bass: Mrs. Ruby Rust
Guitars and Orchestra Programming: Mrs. Latrine Steel
Incredible good Guitarsolo: Mrs. Daisy McLennan
Vocals: Mrs. Inge Danken
Backings: Mrs. Lea Death

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